Metal Detecting in a Convict Built Pool

Using Google maps, I was excited to find a rock pool in Sydney that I’d never seen or heard of before. I was surprised to found out online that this rock pool was actually built by convicts. This was an exciting find and I couldn’t wait to get down there with my metal detector.

Metal detecting in a pool

Being built by the convicts meant that this pool obviously had a lot of history so there was a good chance I would make some nice finds. In Sydney, there are a lot of rock pools and I’ve found plenty of gold rings and weird artifacts in them. I’ve never search one as old as this though, it was probably the first rock pool ever built in Sydney.

I was really excited as I drove down to the pool. In my mind I was hoping that nobody had taken their metal detector in it before. Metal detecting in Sydney isn’t as popular as other places like Florida where there is plenty of competition. Underwater metal detecting is even less popular, but I would of been surprised if nobody had been in this pool.

It was about a 30min drive and a beautiful sunny day. Perfect for some underwater metal detecting. Here is the video I made of this treasure hunt. I hope you enjoy watching 🙂 BTH


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